Rachael Dease is an award-winning composer, vocalist, and sound designer whose work has ranged from contemporary dark country blues to scores for film and theatre, and numerous installations. Along with a flourishing creative career, she balances motherhood.  Rachael spoke to Em in the studio about her experiences.

“Rachael Dease is an accomplished artist whose compositions transcend a label. She is a poet with exceptional depth. Bold, perceptive, and endearing her hymns deliver the knowledge of awareness and sense of peace.

…And so as this critic’s mind was kissed with the last projected image, my heart was warmed with a smile of hope and the words of a stranger.”

Theatre New York

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Feature image credit: Joey K
Article image credit: Liz Looker
Images and media courtesy of rachaeldease.com

Hosted, recorded and produced by Em Burrows (WAM, RTRFM).
Recorded at SAE Institute, 2020.

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